Management Development Program (MDP)

KFA's Management Development Program is a 10 Weeks Certificate Program designed to help you build a cross-functional perspective beyond your area of expertise and contribute to your organization's growth from a strategic point of view. 

MDP is centralized around developing inspirational leader demonstrating more educated decisions by strengthening core skill, awareness of global trend context and insights and managing time, emotion and conflict situation by leveraging your network. This rigorous and action-oriented curriculum will spur peer-to-peer collaboration and throughout the stint of this program.

Components of ‘Management Development Program (MDP)’ are:

25 Guided Contemporary Leadership Session from Subject Experts


  1. Introduction, Orientation & Relevance
  2. Behavioral Science
  3. Geo Politics & Economic Environment
  4. Company Mission, Vision, Objectives & Strategies
  5. Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship
  6. Organizational and Departmental Culture
  7. Execution
  8. Effective Managerial Communication & Soft Skills
  9. Strategic Financial Plan
  10. HR System
  11. Marketing
  12. Sales
  13. Corporate Communication
  14. Customer Experience & Delight
  15. Leadership and Change Management
  16. Finance
  17. Data & Business Analytics
  18. Customer Relationship Management
  19. Ethics & Governance
  20. Compliance
  21. Company Affairs & Legal
  22. Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills
  23. Technology & Digitization
  24. CSR
  25. Administration

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