General Administation

General Administration, as an area of Management, is often neglected by the companies. However, it plays a crucial role in the overall success of Organizations. Effective SOP-based Administration Functions ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises in the back-offices. 

Components of ‘General Administation’ are:

  • Development and Implementation of ‘General Administration Policy’ including Procurement/Purchase Policy
  • Fixed Assets Management:
    • Maintaining of scientifically-designed Fixed Assets Register
    • Fixed Assets Coding and Timely Verification
    • Management of Fixed Assets Verification Process
    • Fixed Assets Disposal Policy
  • Inventory/Stock Management System
  • Frequency-Wise (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Annual and ‘Need-Basis’) Departmental Functions Review Check Lists (DFRCLs) for systematic review of all Administration Contracts:
    • Lease Contract
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts for Computer Software
    • Janitorial Contract
    • Security Contract 
    • Courier Contract
    • Supplier’s Contract
    • Maintenance Contracts for:
      • Office Electrical Items such as Air Conditions, Solar System, Lifts, Generators and other Equipment
    • Other Contracts
  • Vehicles Monitoring and Review by a Log-Sheet Method 
  • Maintenance of Office Premises by a Check-List Method
  • Ensure connectivity of Telephone, Internet Lines are working properly by a Check-List Method
  • Ensure Water, Light, Fuel Requirements are adequately fulfilled (Also, ensure a Log-Sheet Method that there are no wastages/leakages) 
  • Help other departments for Professional Storage and Filing of Office Documents
  • Implement ‘Stock Management System’ Software
  • Preparation and maintenance of Computerized Stock Register 
  • Review of Stock Requirements and Re-Order Level
  • Management of Liveries/Staff Uniforms
  • Coordinate with Finance Department for effective and accurate implementation of Fixed Assets & Depreciation Register. 
  • Maintenance of all Internal and External Office Signage in coordination with ‘Corporate Communication’ Department. 
  • Other Administration Functions. 

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