Financial Management

Financial Management

Efficient Financial Management plays a key role in any organization’s success. Therefore it is essential to manage this department in the most professional manner. Finance plays a ‘Business Partner’ role in the overall growth of an enterprise. It is not only concerned with Accounting and Tax-Related issues, but more importantly, Finance provides valuable inputs to chalk-out way-forward for any Company.

Components of ‘Financial Management’ are:

  • Development & Implementation of Finance Policy including Appropriate ‘Delegation of Authority at various Level’. 
  • Compliance of Financial Statements as per Nepal Financial Reporting System (NFRS)
  • Advising and implementation on the appropriateness of ‘Finance Software’
  • Balance Sheet Management (Actual & Projected)
  • Profit & Loss Account (Actual & Projected)
  • Cash Flow (Actual & Projected)
  • Comprehensive Tax Management 
  • Budgets and Forecasts
  • Development & Implementation of Professional MIS System:
    • Monthly Variance Reports
    • Daily Cash Flow Reports
    • Weekly Receivables & Payables Reports
  • Periodic Bank Reconciliation 
  • Coordination with Audit for:
    • Internal Audit & Compliance
    • Statutory Audit
    • Regulatory Audits (if applicable)
  • Advising on aspects of optimization of Assets
  • Optimization of Costing Structure
  • Analysis of existing investment projects
  • Elaboration of tailor-made business plans taking account of clients’ specifics
  • Analysis on Feasibility of New Products and New Branches from Financial perspectives. 
  • Management of ‘Authorized Signatories’ for Official Documents and Bank Accounts. 
  • Debt structuring to suit client needs. 
  • Check-List Method for all Regulatory Reports Filings such as:
    • Reports to Office of Company Registrar
    • Reports to Tax Office
    • Reports to Local Wards/Municipalities
    • Structured Reports to relevant Regulatory Bodies (Depending upon nature of the Organization) 
  • Training on various aspects of Finance, such as:
    • Financial Statements as per NFRS Standards
    • Tax Management
    • MIS
    • Budgeting 
    • Others
  • Play a critical role in the overall ‘Strategic Management Process’ of the Company. 

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